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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt


Naburva's Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course is designed for individuals who have sufficient experience working in the area of quality and process improvement and are looking forward to enhancing their career in the field of quality management. The course aims at equipping the learners with the advanced level theoretical knowledge of Lean & Six Sigma philosophy and the application of this knowledge to practical, real-life situations. Since this course is designed for aspiring quality managers, it contains modules dedicated to project management, change management and stakeholder management so that the candidates acquire the skills required to manage Lean Six Sigma projects. 

Teaching Methodology

The content of the course is based on Black Belt Body of Knowledge. Course will be delivered through a series of lectures, which will be accessible online. Naburva recognizes the value of flexibility for learners across the globe. We realize that each individual has a different learning pace based on their unique schedule. Hence, the course can be completed at a flexible pace, without any restrictions on the time frame.


Award of Certification


Black Belt coursework includes four graded assignments which must be completed in order to qualify for the certification. The assignments constitute 20% of the final grade.


At the end of the coursework, Black Belt candidates will be given a process improvement project based on a real-life business problem. Candidates must complete the final project which weighs 40% of the final grade.


In order to qualify for the Black Belt certification, candidates will have to take an online exam of 150 multiple choice questions, which constitutes the remainder of 40% of the final grade. This is an open-book exam, which will be based on the application of Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques to process improvement scenarios. It should be noted that the objective of the course is not to see how good a candidate can memorize training material; rather, the idea is to enable professionals to apply the appropriate tools in a given situation. 


A candidate has to achieve a minimum of 70% score on final grade in order to qualify for the certification. Upon successful completion of the course, candidates will receive a prestigious certificate through mail. Qualified candidates can use the title of NCBB (Naburva Certified Black Belt) with their names.


Regular Subscription

A learner can enroll in Naburva's Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course for a one time fee of $1,000 (CAD). Monthly payment plans (4 installments) are also available.

Corporate Subscription

Just like those for a regular program, certification requirements for corporate training program include completion of final project. The project, however, is unique to the sponsoring organization. The project proposal is submitted to Naburva for review and approval prior to commencement of project work. Corporate candidates can enroll in Naburva's Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course for a one time fee of $1,200 (CAD).

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