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"Kashan and his team were very pleasant to work with and provided SBB with some interesting and well-researched options for our future growth outside our core markets.”


Patrick Gharzani, President & General Manager, SBB Inc.

“Planning for expansion involves a lot more than just acquiring new assets. Naburva helped us uncover the critical factors that feed into the process and enhance the quality of such critical decision. Kashan also helped us build our HR processes from scratch, which greatly helped us align our HR function with professional standards"


Imran Akram, Managing Director, Dory Logistics & Transportation Services.

“We have greatly benefited from the consulting service that Kashan and his team provided. It was definitely of great value to our business."


Bruno Meunier, Vice President - Operations, Kevric Inc.

“Having our employees take the Naburva Lean Six Sigma course was one of my favorite things we did this year.  I even had one employee text me on a weekend and tell me how excited he was about learning, and thanking me profusely for the opportunity.  How cool is that!  The level of engagement and imagination that was instilled was such a huge bonus.  I expected technical knowledge, and got an excited, engaged and confident team.  Naburva teaches you how to think bigger, and I can’t imagine a more valuable result than that."



Adam Kolozetti, Co-Founder, Enta Solutions 

“The quality of the Lean Six Sigma course content, structure of the program, and instructional approach is very practical. It undoubtedly prepares a professional to deal with practical business problems in process improvement initiatives."



Samit Ranjan, Business Analyst, Bell Canada

"We had the pleasure of working with Kashan and our organization greatly benefited from his services in the areas of talent management, developing standardized training documentation, process improvement, and policy development on diversity, equity, and inclusion."


Thomas Alberda, Senior Project Manager, Cyntech Construction 

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