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Authentic and Empowering Leadership 
A Training & Certification Program for Emerging Leaders




The Authentic and Empowering Leadership   program has been designed for emerging leaders and covers a wide range of themes that they would need to focus on in order to hone their leadership skills. The course is designed to help new managers step outside the technical realm of their competencies and attain the soft skills that they must possess to become effective leaders. After the completion of the course, the learners will be able to apply the skill set taught in the course, and cultivate an environment conducive to better performance, higher team engagement, and stronger collaboration.


Naburva's leadership development programs have been trusted by management professionals and learners from more than 6 countries. The attendees represent a broad array of sectors including SME's, large corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and academic institutions. Authentic and Empowering Leadership program is recognized by CPHR Alberta and CPHR BC & Yukon for 21 CPD hours.




Content, Teaching Methodology, and Award of Certification 

The program is delivered in a highly interactive, in-person / online format, and covers a variety of critical leadership themes including:

  • Understanding your personality (Big Five model)

  • What is authentic and empowering leadership

  • Leadership styles and operating in a leadership gradient

  • Communication essentials for leaders

  • Handling hard conversations

  • Tactics to act unilaterally in tough situations

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Psychological safety and engagement

  • Managing conflict

  • Leadership development frameworks

The program includes self-reflective assignments that help the learners with a deeper introspection aimed at better self-analysis. The total duration of the program is 21 hours (excluding the assignments and self-study) and can be completed in anywhere between 1 and 5 weeks depending on the schedule and format of delivery of the lectures. 


$1,200 (CAD)

*Write to us at to request a quote tor corporate training.


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